Understanding your colon

Most people don't give their Colon's much thought

A perfect body goes to the toilet 3 times a day. Elimination of faecal matter should take 24 hours from mouth to toilet. Though in my 20 years experience i have only had 6 people whose body was actually funtioning the way it ought to. The easiest way to understand it is to imagine a tunnel and there is an accident at the beginning of the tunnel, this leads to a back up of cars, eventually the car at the end of the tunnel gets fed up and starts to push…the first car which was in the accident comes out of the tunnel….BUT the tunnel is still full of cars. That is how most peoples bodies are functioning on a daily basis. Full of faecal matter which is rotting, putrifying, getting toxic and poisoning our bodies from within.

Any faecal matter which is in your body for longer than 24 hours starts to rot. Imagine leaving food out of the fridge for longer than 24 hours…not a good idea. When the food starts to rot our body absorbs toxins instead of nutrients which is why most people get headaches, bloating, flatulence, struggle with weight etc. 

Colonics gets all the old faecal matter out and re-educates the body to function more effectively in a slow, gentle manner.

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