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Procedure from when you arrive:

  • When you arrive there is secure parking on the tranquil premises of Villa Rosa
  • You will be given a questionaire to fill out, the therapist will go through the questionnaire and explain the whole procedure
  • She will then answer any questions which you may have
  • You are then taken to the bathroom which is an en-suite, you will be explained what needs to be done. It is normal to be nervous but you will see its not so bad, you will be covered throughout the treatment so its really not embarrassing. In fact it is exceptionally interesting as you get to watch what comes out of your body without smelling or touching any of it as everything goes straight from your body, through the machine which has a glass viewer and into the sewerage
  • At the end of the treatment depending on what comes out, how much comes out, and how your body responds i will give you a list of things you need to include and exclude from your diet and whether a follow up treatment is necessary.

Hope to hear from you soon….if you have any queries please feel free to contact me Rosalba 083 440 5090 Whatts app is always easier as when I am with a client I can’t take calls…I am sure you understand