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If the sewerage system in your house is blocked, how can you expect your house to be clean?

Same goes for your colon. If your colon is not eliminating effectively. How do you expect your body to function properly?

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic irrigation is the cleansing of the colon/large intestine with warm filtered water in a slow, gentle and non-intrusive manner.

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Find out  what Colonic Hydrothrapy / Irrigation is and how your colon is affected by your daily lifestyle and the long-term implications.


More about how Colonic Hydrotherapy / Irrigation can change the way you feel and function on a daily basis.


View the treatment process and more information about the various ailments and symptoms you may be suffering from.

Emmanuel Vermeulen

Rosalba is a wonderful lady. She has a lot of experience and makes you feel at ease throughout the whole cleanse. The room is clean and hygienic. The treatment is executed perfectly. She gave me a lot of advice about health. Highly recommended!

Razania Asaro

I have always found Rosalba to be discreet comfortable and most caring during treatments as it can be embarrassing she has the ability to make you feel like you are just having a therapy session. So I highly recommend her to anyone!